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The most important thing we make is a difference.

EcoBean is a team of coffee market professionals and scientists from the Warsaw University of Technology. We believe in product innovations that drive large-scale changes and improvements to the environment, people and the planet.


Management Team


Kacper Kossowski

CEO & Co-Founder

Marcin Koziorowski


Maciej Majchrowicz, MBA

Supply & Logistics Manager

Katarzyna Tarka-Chmielecka

Operations Manager

Joanna Manikowska

R&D Manager

Łukasz Wysocki

Technology Manager

Bartosz Rybak

Communication Manager

Monika Radomska

Brand Manager

Alicja Murphy

Product Engineer

Adrianna Piasek

Quality Specialist

Patrycja Adamczuk

Process Engineer

Monika Kudelska

Product Engineer

Maks Kukuć

Product Engineer

Paula Bardadyn

Process Engineer

Karolina Jelonek

Product Engineer

Monika Słomka

Product Engineer

Anna Gabor

Process Quality Engineer

Zoja Trojan

Product Engineer

Monika Wasyłeczko


Adam Jackowicz


Roman Zadrożny


Janusz Budnicki

Scientific Board

An external scientific body, not employed by EcoBean, provides guidance and expertise to support the Research & Development and Board teams, facilitating the improved and rapid advancement of EcoBean’s technology and product offerings.

Biotechnology Expert

Joanna Cieśla, Prof

Product Design & Purification Expert

Andrzej Chwojnowski, Prof

Scaling-up Expert

Ludwik Synoradzki, Prof

Technology Design Expert

Jerzy Wisialski, PhD

Chemical Engineering Expert

Sławomir Safarzyński, PhD

Ionic Liquids Expert

Marcin Śmiglak, PhD

Feed Additives Expert

Krzysztof Kozłowski, Prof

Polymer Processing Expert

Andrzej Plichta, Prof

Supervisory Board

Ludwik Synoradzki, Prof

Tomasz Nowicki

Marta Małasiewicz

Michał Sioda

Maciej Rutecki

We are proudly supported by

EIT InnoEnergy brings people and resources together, catalysing and accelerating the energy transition. New ideas, products and solutions that make a real difference, and new businesses and people to deliver them to market. As a result, in just ten years we have built the largest sustainable energy innovation ecosystem in the world – €560 million has been invested into more than 480 sustainable energy innovations, all on track to generate €16 billion in commercial revenues by 2026. All this is made possible thanks to our rich network of more than 500 key players from 18 different countries. Together we act as a key vehicle for the European Green Deal and make up the ingredients needed to bring a constant pipeline of sustainable energy innovation to market.

The Warsaw University of Technology is the largest and oldest technical university in Poland. As a leading technical university in the country it’s research and scientific interests cover almost all fields of technology. WUT intensively develops scientific activities and cooperation with the industry. EcoBean is a Warsaw University of Technology spin-off company and WUT is our shareholder.

Help us reinvent coffee waste!
Cup after cup, after cup…

Let us take care of your coffee waste

With EcoBean your waste becomes a valuable resource. Showcase your commitment to sustainability and boost the circular economy with us.

Create low-carbon footprint products with our chemicals

Capture your customers’ attention with sustainable products. Explore the potential of our coffee-derived chemicals for your applications.


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