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SCG valorization

Our competitive advantage lies in technology. We have developed a process for completely valorizing coffee waste into low-carbon footprint chemicals. Our first biorefinery, the EcoBean Technology Center, is set to revolutionize the industry.

Valuable ecological footprint input and circular model implementation
Subscription based traceable spread biomass collection process (global logistic partner)
Local biomass processing into raw materials and sustainable chemicals for various industries
New green products and revenue streams for whole value chain
Value chain control: delivering CSR data, designing final products with Partners
Research & Development

Cutting-edge technology

EcoBeans’s technology drives the development of more sustainable chemicals that can be used in hundreds of products globally, with dozens more in development at our state-of-the-art laboratory in Nadarzyn.

Our collaboration with Warsaw University of Technology, along with the backing of leading chemical engineering experts, propels our mission towards a greener future.

EcoBean Technology Center

The first Bio-refinery that will fully

process SCG into coffee oil coffee lignin polylactide acid protein additives antioxidants

leaving no waste behind.

EcoBean Technology Center

The first Bio-refinery that will fully process SCG, leaving no waste behind.

Seamless waste management

One app to make it work

One app to access, control and manage your coffee waste disposal process at the click of the finger. Partner with us to see how easy it is!

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Help us reinvent coffee waste!
Cup after cup, after cup…

Let us take care of your coffee waste

With EcoBean your waste becomes a valuable resource. Showcase your commitment to sustainability and boost the circular economy with us.

Create low-carbon footprint products with our chemicals

Capture your customers’ attention with sustainable products. Explore the potential of our coffee-derived chemicals for your applications.


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