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We create reusable
things from coffee waste.

EcoBean is a technology company with a mission to help reduce coffee waste at the scale of business. We’re looking for partners in finding new and innovative ways to upcycle Spent Coffee Grounds into something new that later can be recycled, so the loop doesn’t end.

Reach out and reimagine your CO2 footprint with us.

Coffee waste reinvented

Biodegradable Flower Pots

Our EcoBean Flower Pots are a sustainable and ecological substitute for plastic nursery pots. They are produced from Spent Coffee Grounds (50%) and biodegradable polymer, and as a result, they can be placed into the ground together with any plant. EcoBean Flower Pots biodegrade within 6 to 12 months from being planted, depending on soil and weather conditions.

Coffee waste reinvented

Eco Straws

EcoBean Straws are world-scale innovation produced from lignin extracted from Spent Coffee Grounds. They are designed to be recyclable and can be collected together with coffee waste. EcoBean Coffee Straws can withstand up to one hour of immersion in cold liquids.

100% circular. 100% fair.

Lucky Cups

EcoBean has started a cooperation with Dutch startup You Lucky Bird which, just like us, works with organic waste to give it an entirely new purpose. You Lucky Bird eco-friendly cups are made from residual coffee waste and other vegetable materials. Each Lucky Cup purchase supports small-scale coffee farmers in Ethiopia.

EcoBean has become a distributor of YLB cups for CEE. We are working together to develop a new composite made entirely from coffee waste.

Help us reinvent coffee waste!
Cup after cup, after cup…

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