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Coffee waste reinvented

We give spent coffee grounds a second life.

Ecobean is a technology company with a mission to help reduce coffee waste at the scale of business. We’re looking for partners in finding new and innovative ways to upcycle Spent Coffee Grounds into something new, that later can be recycled, so the loop doesn’t end.

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Turn nothing into something

Sustainable and cost-effective way to dispose of your coffee waste.

Our solution offers an ecological spent coffee grounds disposal. We are turning your waste into usable products. From its collection, through logistics, to the final product – our goal is to extend the circular economy process.

Before Ecobean

After Ecobean

Endless possibilities

We create reusable things from coffee

After collecting your spent coffee grounds, we recycle them into usable products. EcoBean doesn’t leave any waste behind.

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Be part of the change

How can you benefit from a partnership with EcoBean?

Deal with coffee waste

Partner with EcoBean to develop innovative coffee waste management. Being eco doesn’t cost more than typical waste disposal!

Reduce your CO2 footprint

Our habits don’t have to destroy the planet. Prevent emission of 600kg of CO2 with every ton of spent coffee grounds collected by EcoBean.

Reuse your coffee waste

Use EcoBean technology to reinvent your coffee waste. From BBQ briquettes, compostable eco-straws to biodegradable flower pots – the sky is the limit.

Meet eco regulations

Support “Green Deal” and “Red 2” directive and adapt solutions enabling “Climate Neutral by 2050” strategy. We all want what’s best for our planet.

Be planet friendly

Expand your CSR activity with EcoBean planet-centric solution. Let’s support sustainability by turning coffee waste into something new.

Gain new customers

Attract new customers thanks to your sustainable business activities. Coffee tastes even better while knowing that your CO2 footprint is reducing.

One app to make it work

One app to access, control and manage your coffee waste disposal process at the click of the finger. Partner with us to see how easy it is!

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Let’s cooperate!

We invent sustainable solutions

EcoBean partners with companies around the world, finding new ways of reusing spent coffee grounds and creating sustainable change.


Be a part of the 5th wave

The coffee industry is continuously developing by keeping up with trends. Lead the change by creating a more planet-centric approach.

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Help us reinvent coffee waste!
Cup after cup, after cup…

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Are you a coffee serving point looking for sustainable, reliable and cost-effective coffee waste disposal service? Want to join our CSR program?

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