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Coffee waste reinvented

We turn coffee waste into sustainable chemicals.

We lead the way as the most technologically advanced processor of spent coffee grounds. Our mission is clear: to close the loop on coffee and bring low-carbon, coffee-derived chemicals to the market with the lowest carbon footprint possible.

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From Coffee Waste to Green Chemicals

9,000 tonnes of Spent Coffee Grounds are wasted in Europe every day!

Did you know? 3.3 million tonnes of coffee waste fuel Europe’s CO2 problem each year. EcoBean vision to drive climate action at scale starts by making the same chemicals, we rely on every day, but deriving them from coffee waste. These low-carbon alternatives offer a sustainable future for the products we love.

Before Ecobean
valuable ingredients wasted to landfill, incineration or composting
After Ecobean
Your low-carbon products made from our coffee-derived chemicals

Coffee-derived chemicals

We’re on a mission to bring spent grounds back to life, crafting sustainable, top-notch chemicals with the low carbon footprint.

How can you benefit?

Go circular with EcoBean and decarbonize your business.

Deal with coffee waste

Let us take care of your coffee waste in a sustainable manner. We will give spent coffee grounds a second life in a cost-effective way!

Reduce your CO2 footprint

Let’s make a meaningful environmental impact that you can highlight in your sustainability report. Use our app to manage and measure your results.

Create sustainable products

Incorporate EcoBeans’ coffee-derived chemicals into your production process to create low-carbon footprint products that resonate with your customers.

Meet green regulations

Make your CSRD reporting easier by cooperating with EcoBean, which helps you address specific ESRS areas in your mitigation and action plan.

Achieve full circularity

Achieve full circularity by turning coffee waste into something new. Craft straws, cups, and cutlery from your coffee grounds to amaze your clients.

Attract new customers

Attract new customers thanks to your sustainable business activities. Coffee tastes even better while knowing that your CO2 footprint is reducing.

Trusted by innovation leaders

Help us reinvent coffee waste!
Cup after cup, after cup…

Let us take care of your coffee waste

With EcoBean your waste becomes a valuable resource. Showcase your commitment to sustainability and boost the circular economy with us.

Create low-carbon footprint products with our chemicals

Capture your customers’ attention with sustainable products. Explore the potential of our coffee-derived chemicals for your applications.


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